Medicine that is not properly secured may be stolen, damaged or may inadvertently poison children or pets.

  • Do ask your pharmacist or healthcare provider about proper storage.
  • Do store medication in a cool, dry place.
  • Do lock up medicines that are at risk for being abused – ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medication has abuse potential.
  • Do store medicines in original containers.
  • Do keep track of how many pills you have.
  • Don’t leave medicines in places that are easily accessible by children.
  • Don’t share medicines with anyone!
  • Don’t repackage medicine in unmarked containers.
  • Don’t leave medicine in plain sight or in unsecured places.

Click here for the National Poison Control Center website.

*Please dial 911 if you suspect a poisoning or overdose.

Opioids are very powerful medicines that have serious risks. It’s important to talk with your healthcare provider about whether opioids are right for you and your type of pain.